HERITAGE-PRO in various projects: learning, teaching, training

HERITAGE-PRO project is an essential contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and beyond. Main objective is to upgrade the interdisciplinary competences of the workforce of heritage managers all over Europe in order to better valorise on expertise from different disciplines relevant for creation of positive external effects with cultural heritage preservation. The challenge is how to bring these different disciplines, expertise, expectations and visions cooperatively together in order to avoid future repairs or a restricted use of a heritage site.

The Institute for Property Research (IPRE) has been working with the Europe-wide international team of HERITAGE-PRO project. Since the training material have been finalized, it has already been used in practical projects and education, e.g.:

Community developed heritage in Peja, Kosovo,
supported by BACID Fund for Know-How Transfer Actions, bacid.eu (financed by the Austrian Development Agency)

At the end of 2020, partnering up with Wonderland platform for European Architecture (https://wonderland.cx/) and Share Architects (https://share-arch.com/) our institute has represented the HERITAGE-PRO approach to the Municipality of Peja and its partners. The city surrounded by picturesque landscape is trying to build a sustainable touristic growth while preserving the heritage of its community. More about the programme and results:

supported by European ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – 2021

The LTTA within the Erasmus+ project HERITAGE-PRO, organised by IPRE in Vienna, was an online event for staff members of all project partners in March 2021. It was organised as a management game (Planspiel). The staff members were supposed to organise the reuse of a former water tower in the 21st district of Vienna. The object was shown by a drone flight from outside and a 360 degree video of the inside, produced by IPRE partner Alexander Rieck (https://phaenomenalex.com/) .

Within the LTTA, participants had to look at cultural, economic, ecological and social valorisation among others. The complexity of the project stakeholders and the situation of the building gave an exciting insight to the project.

360-degree video of the Floridsdorfer Tower: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfXk4pYRXlc (Video Credit: Alexander Rieck)

HERITAGE-PRO modules become part of a university module course at Vienna University of Technology

The research unit of the Real Estate Development at Vienna University of Technology integrated the HERITAGE PRO learning material and the water tower also to the student of this year’s Real Estate Development module to rethink and reimagine various use of the property. As the project needs to consider the current review of monument protection, the course integrated in particular the “Valorisation of Cultural Heritage”, that is the third module of the HERITAGE-PRO training material and can be found among the other modules of the project: