The goal of the Planners and Investors initiative is to reduce the information asymmetry between professional planners and project developers.

Planning – Investment

Future-oriented regional development planning and “politics” as an approval authority evaluate the private ownership of property management in political statements, technical concepts and parcel-focused planning. Thus massively influencing the economic results of private-sector as well as public project developments and investments.

It is also true the other way around, project developers and investors influence both regional and urban development through their investments in buildings – or figuratively through “non-investment” – in the remaining vacant or unused buildings. They shape the living and working situation on site through positive and negative external effects.

Although both ways work on the same projects and issues, so far, there has been no definition establishment of this knowledge, neither in education nor in practice.

Usually, for regional development planners, the various forms of economic considerations are the centerpieces of projects. Although, the decision criteria of a development from the urban planning, sociological and infrastructural perspective, mostly unknown even for the planners.

Using interdisciplinary approach for knowledge exchange on the practical experiences and the theories of the disciplines, we want to contribute to the following goals:

  • Clarify and help setting mutual expectations
  • Avoid time losses in the reclassification of procedures and project implementations
  • Define meaningful regulations and expectations
  • Identify possible negative effects of information asymmetry for the projects and urban development and develop strategies for prevention.

The Planners and Investors initiative creates the opportunity for knowledge exchange, creates transparency and resolves prejudices.

Available downloads in German:

Optimierungsvorschläge für die Praxis Städtebaulicher Verträge in Wien – Wege zu einem Wiener Modell

Optimierungsvorschläge für die Praxis Städtebaulicher Verträge in Wien – publication