As part of the initiative, case-based project development processes have been examined, initially with the aim of gaining insights into diverse processes, meaningful constellations, as well as success factors and success-critical factors. For example, previous researches have shown that project development in the narrow sense is a cyclical process of approximate optimization. Project development as a whole is a so-called “stage-gate process” with the typical characteristics of an innovation process.

The medium-term goal is to make the processes teachable and learnable and to standardize them. This includes different methods for calculating the profitability of property management projects. Since property projects are always unique, just by the fact that each location and thus each project development situation occurs only once on earth, the standardization of generic processes can only be done on a meta-level and all in-depth process descriptions must differentiate project types to create the benefit of their usage.

Besides looking into the individual and organizational competencies of the project and corporate structure development, the initiative also focuses on possible fee models for service providers in the field of project development.