“Steering Urban Development by Projects” in the Austria Center Vienna

In the frame of TU Wien “Steering Urban Development by Projects” we partnered up with the Austria Center Vienna and their public-private mixed-use, congress space utilization project: danubeSail.

In this course is very important to analyse how a project comes together by its stakeholders and factors, and what can a project give or take away to a region of the city.

The Master students were able to visit the construction site in October and have a glimpse in the daily business of the congress center to understand every aspect of the projects. Further on, they have tested some of the mobile co-working booths (NOOK) and were able to submit their own Smart Occupancy, space optimization or additional co-working ideas for some not-well used common areas.

First of all, regardless what one studies, it is always a great advantage to learn on a live project. The task of this course was to implement an idea of public use, where the neighbours can benefit of the site development while the danubeSail is open for public. The second topic to choose from was planning any mobile and flexible ad hoc meeting spots in unused common areas in the main building of the Austria Center Vienna.

The participating students showed beyond average motivation to the topic and their chosen task. More than 20 project ideas were submitted, and the best were presented to the sales management of the congress center. Mrs. Susanne Baumann-Soellner, the CEO of the ACV invited on 19th February, 2020 the best 6 projects for further talks.

Copyright Markus Schiller Photography

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